About us

With Fxtracking, you have access to a high-performance affiliate program, dedicated to websites that specialize in financing.

When you become an Fxtracking affiliate, you become part of an activity that deals with more than 2500 billion dollars each day !

Fxtracking is among the most successful partners since it gives you access to a large panel of banks, and you are able to choose among a great variety of affiliates.

We partly owe our success to the efficiency of brokerage affiliation on the bank market which is a highly profitable sector which comes first in terms of products liquidity, such as the parity euro dollar.

When you become an affiliate for Fxtracking, you know that you are part of one of the most successful internet trading system on the market. All you need to do is register online and our team of experts will work with you and make the most out of your affiliates.

There are several kinds of payments : pay per lead (registration), cpa (cost per acquisition) or even a percentage of the deposit for each customer.

When you become an affiliate for Fxtracking, you have access to high-performance marketing tools and your campaigns are successfull. You will also find regular banners, flash, text links as well as traders' most popular trading tools.

If you want to sign up for Fxtracking affiliate program, go to "registration" and fill in this form.